Backstage at Entertainment Tonight: it was great to see what it takes to make the show from start to finish. 

sitcom taping

They treat you a bit like caged animals… but it’s almost worth it to watch TV get made.

The Tonight Show

Tickets to see Jay Leno!

success: internship

The feeling of accomplishment: it all hit on my last day at the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Film school is the best. Instead of tests, I get to produce 30 minute news magazine shows.

Too Beautiful to Live celebrated their 1000th show and I got to be a production assistant!

[Location: Chapman University]

One month to create 2 television pilots with a crew of 60. It’s crazy, it’s awesome and I learned so much.


I had the opportunity to be so close to something that means so much.

Families don’t always work out but if you open your heart… you can create your own.

Backstage at the Ellen DeGeneres show and a walk around the Warner Brothers lot.

Highlights: hearing Ellen from her control room, 10 feet from Justin Bieber and coffee from Central Perk.


It’s Christmas time!

This year, I’m trying some dairy-free eggnog alternatives

My favorite is the “coconut nog” which I think tastes almost exactly the same!

question of today.

Can you keep your dreams alive if you don’t spend time doing what you love, every day?


You’re probably new to the area, right?

Check out cool places near you. Ask for recommendations, read blogs and just start walking around your new town.

You might find somewhere like, the top of the world or a seal rescue shelter or a really awesome beach.


Dorm rooms are crowded. What can make a week night super fun?

Slumber parties.


College is the perfect place to make it happen.

Are you following yours?

what do you miss?

Going to college out of state?

What do you miss?

I miss this season.